New Xbox 360 Slimline ConsoleThe New Slimline Xbox 360 Console

It’s been a few years since the original Xbox Red Ring of Death caused catastrophic failure for thousands of Xbox 360 consoles all over the world… but what’s the deal with the new console?

Microsoft released the new Slimline Xbox 360 console, with its new slim, black stylish look, in June 2010, and the question many people have been asking up to and since its release is:

Does the new Xbox 360 Slimline console have a Red Ring of Death?

Many improvements have been made to the Xbox 360 console for its Slimline release, which means hopefully you’ll never (or at least less frequently) have to deal with technical errors such as what used to display the Red Ring of Death. But this doesn’t mean the new console hasn’t got it’s downfalls.

Microsoft have decided to do away with the Red Ring of Death, which as you might know has plagued the reputation of the Xbox 360 console for the last couple of years. Instead, they have chosen to display any errors and warnings to the user through a Red “Dot” of Death on the front of the console (image below).

The Xbox 360 Slimline Red Dot of Death

The Red Dot of Death, a red version of the power display in the center of the green ring, will be displayed on the new Slimline console when any technical error occurs, along with a warning on the actual screen of the television whenever possible.

With any type of modern day technology there will always be some sort of rate of failure that we’ll all have to deal with, but by taking the proper precautions we can always lessen these error rates.

Xbox 360 Red Dot of Death Slimline Console Error

Preventing the Xbox Red Dot of Death on the Slimline Console

Rest assured Microsoft have spent countless hours trying to make this new console as quiet, powerful and reliable as possible, so with any luck you’ll never have to perform a “towel trick” to fix silly Red Ring of Death problems again.

In any case, you should still always exercise caution when using your console, whether it’s a newer or older model. The best things you can do are to ensure you never manhandle your console, and only move it only after it has been turned off and has had time to cool down. Also, try to never over-use the console, as this can cause overheating.

Built-in protection on the Xbox 360 Slimline Console

A great new feature that Microsoft have added to the new console is an auto heat-detection system which powers down the Xbox 360 console until it has time to safely cool down. You can see a screen shot of the error message for this protection system below.

Red Dot of Death - Xbox 360 Slimline Warning