If only Microsoft Support made house calls!

If only Microsoft Support made house calls!

Preventing the Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Problem

If you’re one of the users who have not yet experienced the Red Ring of Death problem on your console, then do yourself a favor and prevent it from happening! It’s a fault that can cost you a whole heap of money (especially if you’ve tampered with the inside of your console, because that will mean Microsoft won’t take it back!


Keep your console in a well ventilated area. This sounds obvious, and most people tend to ignore warnings like this, but in the Xbox 360’s case, it’s important! Your console needs to be able to get all the cool air that it can to prevent itself from overheating.



Do not move your console when it’s turned on or still warm. This can cause the already heated metals on the inside to dissolve a lot quicker.



Try not to play the console for extended periods of time, and even less so in hot temperatures.



Some people have reported that using external fans can cause the console to vibrate, which can possibly cause the Red Ring of Death problem, so if possible, stay clear of them. As an alternative, you might find more benefit in using a completely external fan, pointing towards and around the console (preferably sitting on a different surface as to not create vibrations in the console).

I’ve already got the Xbox Red Ring of Death…

If you’ve already got the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death, Take a look at some of the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death solutions to get some ideas for fixing your console, or visit our Diagnosis page to find out the cause.