Angry Xbox Owner

Angry Xbox Owner

The Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Problem

When the Xbox 360 came out in 2006, hundreds of thousands of people flocked into the stores and bought the console believing it was a work of art. Little did they know that the console itself was riddled with little faults and flaws, many of which could cause irreversable damage to the console.

The Xbox 360 ‘Red Ring of Death’ was the biggest of these faults, causing supposedly 30% to 33% (according to three large Xbox 360 reseller representatives) of all Xbox 360s to completely fail. The user was indicated of the problem when the mystical Xbox 360 “Ring of Light” on the front of the Xbox 360 console changed from its usual green colors to three quadrants of red.

Many people say the 30-30% figure above is false, which may be true, but there is no real way of telling how many Xbox 360 consoles have been affected by the RROD fault. Our best estimate is about 30-30%, but it is most likely a little bit lower than that.

Thousands of consoles, already out of their 1-year standard warranty, were thrown out by customers who believed there was no way to fix them.


Well, should I buy an Xbox 360 console or not?

Microsoft’s warranty will protect your investment for the first three years of you owning it (but only for the Red Ring of Death fault), which most would say is a pretty good deal. Most of these problems were noticed in the first batch of Xbox 360 releases in 2006, but there still might be a few around being sold new (and reused parts from pre-owned, faulty Xbox 360s that Microsoft has recycled to use in the newer consoles…), but for the most part, there’s only a small chance of receiving a faulty Xbox 360 console.

Our advice is to buy one, and to take advantage of Microsoft’s 3-year Red Ring of Death Warranty if the problem does occur.


You may also be able to find a little bit of information on this Xbox 360 faults website.

The Cause of the Problem…

Find out about the Red Ring of Death cause.