Solutions for the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fault

Many websites around the net have offered ‘affordable’ solutions to the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death fault, such as eBooks explaining how to fix the problem and the offer to take in the Xbox 360 console and fix it themselves, privately. Both options produced more risks for the Xbox 360 user as well as the extra cost associated with something that really had little or no gaurantee.

On this page you’ll read a number of so-called “solutions” from all over the Internet in the one place, making it a whole lot easier to make your decision regarding which road you take to fix your Xbox 360 console. We do not recommend trying any of the “solutions” marked with the Warning label.

The Xbox 360 Plug In-and-Out Trick

A quick and easy trick that seems to have worked for a lot of Xbox 360 users is the Plug In-and-Out trick, where you simply unplug every cord and device out of the console, including the AV cables, USB, harddrive, etc. After this, the console is turned back on. If it turns on, then it’s turned off again and everything is plugged back in. With any luck, the console is now working! We do recommend this trick, as it does not seem to cause any damage to the system (it’s meant to have things plugged in and out!) and does not seem to void any part of the warranty.

The Xbox 360 Towel Trick

Warning: This voids your Microsoft warranty! We do not recommend attempting this fix.

A few videos have surfaced on the Internet showing people fixing their Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death problem with a simple trick. The trick states to “cover the Xbox 360 console in a few towels and turn it on for a period of about 20-25 minutes.” After this, it explains to “leave the console to cool for a while and then turn it back on.”

In some cases, the Xbox 360 console seems to start up and work fine. This may seem to be a good fix, but most people have explained that this only works for a period of about a week or so, before the console repeats the Red Ring of Death and sometimes permanently shuts down. Don’t try this trick, as there’s no point voiding any Microsoft warranty. Every console now comes with the warranty mentioned below.

Warning: This voids your Microsoft warranty! We do not recommend attempting this fix.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Warranty

Realizing that they had released a faulty product, Microsoft eventually released a statement formally announcing the problem and offered a 3-year warranty for this specific fault. The only down side of this was that the console had to be sent back to Microsoft, who would then send a new one “within a few weeks”.

Some criticists have exclaimed that Microsoft have been re-using the faulty parts brought in from Red Ring of Death plagued consoles in the newer “refurbished” consoles, but this is probably just a web myth and there’s little if any credibility to it.

You’re getting a free Xbox 360 console with free shipping so really there’s no real harm in choosing this option. We recommend this option highly as this is a gauranteed, free fix! If you ever do face the Red Ring of Death problem again you can just send it back again!

The Do-It-Yourself Red Ring Of Death Fix

Warning: This voids your Microsoft warranty! We do not recommend attempting this fix.

Some Xbox 360 users have reported being able to “manually change the solder around the BGA connections inside of the console to a higher quality product,” as well as “taking off the current ‘rubbery’ covering the CPU and GPU chips and recovering them in artic thunder thermal compound.”

Although this may possibly fix the Red Ring of Death problem, this is not recommended as it completely voids your warranty (you have to open up the console), can be dangerous and may cause even more damage to the console. Just stick with the Microsoft Warranty!

Warning: This voids your Microsoft warranty! We do not recommend attempting this fix.


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