Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Updates

Take that, Microsoft!

On October 17, 2008 a class action lawsuit was filed against Microsoft in California over the Red Ring of Death problem.

VentureBeat, an innovation news website, states: “The suit was filed in Sacramento County Superior Court. In an interview, attorney Keith Cable confirmed that he filed the lawsuit on Sept. 19. He said he is getting a lot of reaction from people who want to join the lawsuit. The suit alleges that an excessive number of Xbox 360 consoles have failed and that Microsoft concealed the excessive failure rate of its Xbox 360 consoles so that it could get into the market ahead of Sony and Nintendo.”


Problem… solved?

In an interview with Edge Online, Aaron Greenberg (group product manager) said that Microsoft have been doing their best to cease this fault in all new units.


The new Slimline Xbox 360 Console

Microsoft have released a brand new console, known as the Xbox 360 Slimline console. Although the hardware has been improved quite substantially, there’s still more you should know about the new console. You can read more about the new Xbox 360 Slimline Console.

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